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Fume Hood Testing and Inspection

Our fume hood testing and inspection services include a comprehensive report for each piece of equipment that documents the following:

  • Face velocity analysis. The average exhaust velocity in the hood face with the sash at the recommended operating height. 

  •  Cross draft analysis. Any environmental factor that could potentially impact the ability of the fume hood to provide the safest working environment possible are analyzed and recorded. These factors include nearby diffusers, doorways, paths of travel, fans, and any other influences that may create a cross draft which could impact the hood exhaust.

  • Noise and light intensity.

  • Courtesy Electrical Receptacle Wiring Test.

  • Calibration of airflow monitors.

  • Smoke testing. Smoke testing is used to ensure that the hood exhaust is able to provide containment. Hoods that may be impacted by a cross-draft or have a lower face velocity are often smoke tested to ensure that they are functioning properly, although this is not a required test.

Fume hood testing is performed in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1450, ACGIH, &SEFA, ANSI/AIHA Z9.5.

Fume Hood Testing and Inspection: What We Do
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