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Ventilation Testing and Room Air Balancing

What types of facilities utilize our ventilation testing and room air balancing services?

  • Hospitals

  • Laboratories

  • Universities

  • Clean rooms

What do our ventilation testing and room air balancing services entail? These services are tailored to the requirements of each individual room type and in accordance with all relevant standards and regulations. Depending on the type of room being tested, some or all of the items listed below will be included in the service.

  • Room pressure differential testing 

  • Room temperature and humidity readings

  • Measurement of all room supply and exhausts

  • An individualized report detailing the data collected, calculated room air changes or exchanges for each individual room, as well as a comprehensive list recommendations for rooms that require adjustments to the standard regulations and guidelines.​

We are happy to work with your facilities and HVAC technicians to assist in making any necessary adjustments.

Room pressure monitor calibration is also available upon request!

Ventilation Testing and Room Air Balancing: Service
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